Next Plays in Place event: Nothing But Victory ! at Faneuil Hall, November 18, 7pm

At my company, Plays in Place, we’re wrapping up our events for 2023 (lots more to come in 2024). Now is the time to sign up for free tickets to a reading of Nothing But Victory! by Ginger Lazarus, directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian. This reading will take place on  Saturday November  18 at 7pm, at Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall. Our fabulous cast includes Christine Hamel, Becca Lewis, Adrianne Krstansky, Kate Snodgrass, Patrice Jean-Baptiste, Eliza Fichter, Kelly Chick, and Jessica Golden.

In 1915, Massachusetts suffragists gather at Faneuil Hall to rally after the devastating defeat of a proposed state amendment to give women the vote. Some, like Alice Stone Blackwell, are determined to put a positive spin on the loss and go forward as they have been going. Others, like Maud Wood Park, sense changes in the air and the need for a new strategy. Who will prevail and what cost? Nothing But Victory! is staged in Faneuil Hall where the historic rally took place.

This play is part of Suffrage in Black & White, a series of three plays exploring the intersection of the fight for woman suffrage and race and abolition in Boston. Created and developed for the National Parks of Boston by Plays in Place, with assistance from the Lyric Stage Company of Boston and Boston Playwrights Theatre.

Ginger is a fabulous playwright–she and I have worked together for more than 20 years, starting at founding members of the Rhombus Playwrights Group. This play and event is super cool–and there will even be a live brass band!

Please RSVP to for a free ticket.