Revolution’s Edge opens June 15!

My newest project, Revolution’s Edge, opens in two weeks and tickets are on sale now! Check out the video trailer below for more info about the show.

This exciting examination of the intense pressure cooker of pre-Revolution politics, faith, and family opens June 15 and runs through September 19 at Old North Church in Boston. Performances will be Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at 5pm.

You can buy tickets here.

Check out our spiffy video trailer:

Revolution’s Edge takes place on April 18, 1775–the day before the Battle of Lexington & Concord–and centers on the interaction between Loyalist Minister Mather Byles Jr., Cato who is enslaved by Byles, and ship’s captain John Pulling. Byles has just resigned his position, and Pulling is an ardent Patriot about to hang signal lanterns in the steeple that night. On the brink of war, these three fathers of young children search for information to help navigate the treacherous times unfolding around them.

I wrote the script, Alexandra Smith is directing, Christina Beam will design the costumes, and Jess Meyer is lead producer on this project. Our actors are Brooks Reeves as Byles, Nathan Johnson as Cato, and Evan Turissini as Pulling, with Eric McGowan and Shifty Celestin as understudies. This is a Plays in Place project.

If you’re in or near Boston this summer, I hope you’ll check it out. (Or pass it along to people who are.)


If you’re curious about the history or process, I did an interview on the Hub History podcast. You can listen here:

Revolution’s Edge, with Patrick Gabridge and Nikki Stewart (episode 276)