Listen to Interesting Theatre Makers (and me) on Some Small Magic Podcast

Fletcher Pierson is a Chicago-based theatre artist who decided he wanted to talk with fellow artists around the country about how and why they create their work. And he decided to share those conversations with the rest of the world in his podcast, Some Small Magic. He did a pass through Boston a while back, and talked with people like Lee Mikeska Gardener, artistic director of The Nora Theatre in Cambridge, and also Bonnie Duncan an amazing performer and dancer, and playwright Alan Brody, and playwright Walt McGough, oh, and me. You can listen to them for free on iTunes, or lots of other places, including Pod Paradise.  Fletcher and I talked about a whole range of stuff, including a lot about Blood on the Snow and creating site-specific work.  If you’re feeling the need for artistic inspiration, give a listen to any of these interviews–you won’t be disappointed.

My interview is here: