Cool New Gig: Artist-in-Residence at Mt. Auburn Cemetery

So last week, I got some amazing good news:  I have been selected to be the next artist-in-residence at Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA! This will be for 2018 and 2019.

You might ask yourself: “what kind of cemetery has an artist-in-residence?”

An awesome one. Mt. Auburn was founded in 1831 as “a sacred place of remembrance, a place to mourn those we have loved, a place to seek inspiration and solace, and a place to celebrate life.” It’s a powerful site, rich with beauty and history. And for the next two years, it’s going to be my job to get to know it and write some site-specific plays that will be staged there. My goal is to create work that will be reflective of the spirit of the place and the people who are buried there, and those who visit and work there.

It feels like a big challenge, but one that I am eager to embrace. The two previous artists-in-residence are Robert Mighty, a filmmaker, and Mary Bichner, a composer. Big footsteps in which to follow, but I’m excited to try. This project fits in perfectly with the string of historical and site-specific projects that I’ve been creating over the past few years.