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The new paperback version of Moving (a life in boxes) is out, and I’m eager to get it into the hands of readers.  To start, I’m going to do my first Rafflecopter giveaway of three signed copies.  I’ve never used this application before, so we’ll have to see how it goes. In theory, it’s supposed to be easy (for both you and me).

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I want to share what a few of my fellow writers and friends have had to say about the book:

What Others are Saying about Moving (a life in boxes)

“When you’re always in motion, where does the heart come to rest? Patrick Gabridge’s latest novel brilliantly illuminates a relationship that’s forever looking over the horizon — and what happens when two people who’ve always grown together may now be growing apart. Insightful, compelling and beautifully detailed, Moving is that rare book whose effect on the reader is exactly described by the title.”     –Mike Cooper, author of Clawback

“In Moving (a life in boxes), Patrick Gabridge has rendered a story brimming with passion, humor, and irony as it rides the inner roller coaster of one unconventional couple’s marriage in modern times. Be prepared to take sides and don’t be surprised if you change your mind.”    –Jessica Maria Tuccelli, author of Glow

“In Moving (a life in boxes), Patrick Gabridge unpacks the fascinating history of a peripatetic marriage, defined by eighteen years of moves, open houses, real estate brochures, and a stash of marked-up cardboard boxes awaiting their next journey — until the couple come to a crossroads. Artfully plotted, emotionally stirring, and often laugh-out-loud funny, Moving bravely explores the mysterious terrain of modern marriage, and offers an intimate look at a family who will take up residence in your heart.”   –Diana Renn, author of Tokyo Heist

“With a playwright’s eye for telling detail and ear for crackling dialogue, Patrick Gabridge’s Moving (A Life in Boxes) vividly captures the complexity of modern marriage. After eighteen years and eighteen moves, Lila and Jed have finally settled down. But what does it mean to stay in one place when your life has been built around moving and change and the next new experience? Is it possible to let go of your dreams without losing who you are? Gabridge creates a lyrical and unexpected love story about a man escaping his present only to be drawn back to the family he adores.”  –Laura Harrington, author of Alice Bliss and winner of Massachusetts Book Award