The Wind & The Cold to air Shoestring Radio in San Francisco

For those of you who are fans of audio drama, my radio play, The Wind & The Cold will be airing online all this week from the folks at ShoeString Radio.  They put together an excellent production a number of years ago, and this is your chance to catch it again. I’m fond of this script, and especially because I think it’s a piece that can only be done on radio.  (You’ll see why.)

It will also stream from KUSF In Exile on Friday, June 19, at 9:30pm, PST.

Here’s a summary of the play.  I hope you’ll check out the broadcast.

Pierre and Katrina drive up to his cabin in the Rocky Mountains for a peaceful weekend retreat. They arrive in a blizzard and discover that backpackers have stolen all the firewood. Pierre’s self-assured attempts to prove his mountaineering skills only manage to leave them stranded after he topples a tree on their Jeep. Katrina is hysterical with fear of the wind and the storm, and she rushes into the woods. As the two lovers attempt to find their way back to each other, they become caught in a romantic battle between the mystical forces of the Wind and the Cold.