Soak up some Boston history: None But The Best opens November 2 and 3

This Saturday and Sunday, In Good Company will premiere a new play with music that they commissioned from me, None But The Best.  The initial performances will be at the historic Tremont Temple, 88 Tremont Street, Boston, Saturday, November 2 at 7:30 pm and Sunday, November 3 at 4pm.  The play is directed by Jeff Mosser with music direction by Kay Dunlap.
None but the Best follows Boston publisher Daniel Sharp Ford through the turbulent latter half of the 19th century.  His family newspaper, Youth’s Companion, goes from a small regional rag to a nationwide enterprise, bringing him to the heights of wealth and power, despite a near pathological shyness.  His paper influences a nation with the voices of poets and presidents, through Reconstruction, industrialization, the rise of labor and the fight for women’s suffrage. As the Gilded Age brings great economic disparities, he attempts to balance commerce and his strong sense of moral responsibility to the poor.

I hope you’ll come check it out.  (In an interesting historical note–our play will be done in Lorimer Hall at Tremont Templer, the exact room where Daniel Sharp Ford’s memorial service was held in 1900!)