Quack and will/did/is now published by Brooklyn Publishers!

I’m pleased to announce that two of my more popular short plays, Quack and will/did/is,  are now officially published by Brooklyn Publishers. Brooklyn has been a long-time supporter of my work–they now publish 36 of my short plays, plus two collections of my shorter work. Thanks to publication by Brooklyn, my plays have have been used by tens of thousands of students all across the world in competition and performance.

Quack   (order from Brooklyn)
10 minutes. Drama. 1m, 1 w
Abigail is an impressionable young duck who is not aware of her limitations until they are pointed out to her by the man she loves.  Winner of SlamBoston, Heideman Award Finalist, with festival appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe, Outlaws Finland, AND Festival Incheon, South Korea, and InspiraTO in Toronto.

will/did/is  (order from Brooklyn)
10 minutes. Romantic comedy.  1m,1w
Mindy meets the time traveler for whom she’s spent years obsessively waiting. A time-crossed encounter of hearts and minds.  will/did/is premiered with the T Plays in Boston, and has also appeared in the 10 by 10 Festival in North Carolina and in South Korea.