One-Minute Play Festival coming back to Boston (with some of my plays)

The One-Minute Play Festival is returning to Boston for its second year.  From January 5-7, this festival, curated by Dominic D’Andrea, will present 70 one-minute plays by 35 Boston writers at the Boston Playwrights Theatre.  I will have two short plays on the bill this year, A Little Fresh Air and Harvesting Fall Tomatoes (contemplating the approaching death of my father).

I was part of this festival last year, too, and it was really a fun evening.  This collection of ultra-short plays provides a quick snapshot into the collective unconscious of a good chunk of Boston’s very talented playwriting scene.  This year’s playwrights include Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich, Elisabeth Burdick, Bill Doncaster, Stephen Faria, Peter Floyd, Patrick Gabridge (that’s me), Deirdre Girard, Kirsten Greenidge, Israel Horovitz, Colleen Hughes, Dan Hunter, Emily Lazzaro, Christopher Lockheardt, Alexa Mavromatis, Walt McGough, James McLindon, Jack Neary, Rick Park, Rosanna Alfaro Yamagiwa, Ken Urban, Mwalim *7, Natalia Naman, Thom Dunn, Grant MacDermott, Elenor Burgess, David Valdes Greenwood, Liz Duffy Adams, Tyler Monroe, Nina Louise Morrison, Lindsay Soson, Noah Tobin, Jaclyn Villano, Lila Rose Kaplan, Ginger Lazarus, Joyce Van Dyke, Michael Bradford, Obehi Janice, Steven Bogart.

The plays are divided into seven “clumps,” each directed by a different director.

I hope you’ll come check it out.