Nice words about Steering to Freedom

perf6.000x9.000.inddSteering to Freedom has garnered some nice reviews and commentary recently.  The Historical Novel Society reviewed the book in their magazine, and had this to say:

Author Gabridge weaves a tight, suspenseful tale that is a valuable addition to the ever-growing library of books that recount the contributions African-Americans made to the war effort. The novel is meticulously researched; by the time the reader finishes the book, he may be able to pilot a riverboat. The research is never pedantic, however, and it never gets in the way of an entertaining story. This book is highly recommended.

And Marina Julia Neary, on her CT Commie Tiger Mommy blog wrote a terrific post about the book, including:

Patrick Gabridge’s Steering to Freedom is an absolute must-read for all history majors focusing on American Civil War. This novel is an authentic account of one man’s rise to heroism and assumption of a task that’s nothing short of apostolic. It’s also a must-read for anyone contemplating getting involved in social activism around the delicate and volatile issue of interracial relations.

I’m still hoping for a few more reviews here and there.  Last night, I was the guest speaker at Beacon Hill Village in Boston and had a great time talking about Robert and his adventures.