Newton’s Call in New York

Matt Klane and Saluda Camp up in the tree.

On Friday, my newest short play, Newton’s Call, was produced in the American Globe Theatre’s 18th Annual New York Fifteen Minute Play Festival.  Samantha Tella did an excellent job directing this romantic comedy about a couple who climb a tree in hopes of shaking up their stalled relationship.  I was delighted with the cast of Saluda Camp, Ryan Homchik, Matt Klane and Jennifer Spragg, and judging from the laughter at the show, the audience was, too.  It was my first time seeing this particular play, and I was excited to see that a ladder does serve quite well as a tree.  I hope this is a play that will gain some traction and get productions in other cities soon.

Thanks so much to Samantha and the entire cast and staff of the festival for putting on a great show!

Ryan Homchick, me, Samantha Tella, Saluda Camp, Matt Klane, and Jennifer Spragg, after the show