Launching my newest book: The Secret of Spirit Lake

The Secret of Spirit Lake coverToday I’m launching my newest book, The Secret of Spirit Lake. This one is for middle-grade readers (grades 4-6, ages 8-14) but it also makes a great family read.  The Secret of Spirit Lake is available as a paperback that you can order from your local bookstore, from Barnes & Noble,  or from Amazon.  You can also read it as an ebook for Kindle or many other ebook options, including Nook and Kobo.

Here’s the summary:

Eleven-year-old Tyra is stuck spending the summer with her irascible Grandpa Rudy in a lakeside town where she’s the only black person. Clearly this is going to be the worst summer ever. And a weird one, too. Every night, Grandpa Rudy disappears into the woods, hauling tools and maps. He’s searching for something, and Tyra desperately wants to know what it is. The Secret of Spirit Lake is a fun summer adventure that explores buried treasure, adoption, and the power of family.

I wrote this book a long time ago, back when my own daughter was about the same age as Tyra, but this was one of those projects with a long, twisted development path. Now it’s finally out, with a cover by Jin Suk, who is an amazing artist and designer. I’m so excited to finally have a chance to share this story with readers. It deals with themes and subjects that are important to me and my family, but it’s also a really fun story.


I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think. I still have to figure out if I’ll have any book signings or a party, but for now this is it. Please help spread the word!