Gabridge festival in South Korea!

I get a special thrill when my work is produced overseas.  So far, my work has been done in

The T Plays version of Escape to Wonderland
Ally Tully and Jen O’Connor in Escape to Wonderland in the T Plays

thirteen different countries (US, Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Finland, India, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and The Philippines), primarily in English. I recently found out that the And Theatre in Incheon, South Korea, along with several other small companies, is going to present a festival entirely comprised of my short plays, in August. And even better, they’re going to fly me out to see it! I’ve never been to Asia before, and I don’t speak Korean, so it’ll be a grand adventures for me. I was fortunate to be able to meet Jina, the young woman who will be doing the translations when she visited Boston at Christmastime.

The plays that will be produced include: Quack -PG

  • Quack
  • Santa Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
  • will/did/is
  • Second Look
  • Escape to Wonderland
  • Newton’s Call
  • The Retreiver
  • Beatrix Potter Must Die!

All have been popular with audiences here in the states (and elsewhere–Quack has been beatrix potter graphic w textproduced in Scotland and Finland), but I’m extremely curious to see how they’ll work in translation for Korean audiences. When submitting the work to them, I worried that my writing might feel so specifically American, culturally, that they might not make sense outside of an American context.  Guess I was wrong.  In August, I’ll get a chance to find out with real live audiences. I can’t wait!