Blinders opens in Korea Oct 26

On Friday, October 26th, my play Blinders will open in South Korea.  I love this poster! This production, by Theater Troupe Cheongnyeondan, is directed by Sae-Rom Min, who did a brilliant job directing my short play, Eden in Chains, at the short play festival in Incheon last year that featured of my short plays. This production marks the first time one of my full-length plays has been fully produced outside the United States.

This is a script that I wrote almost 20 years ago, and it has oddly become more and more politically relevant as the years have gone by. During the most recent presidential election, it played in Boston, and it seemed eerily prescient about the rise of Donald Trump.

Sadly, I won’t get to see this production, but I’m so curious to know how Korean audiences will respond to this political satire about celebrity, fake news, and the public’s willingness to swallow blatant lies in the media.