Beatrix Potter Must Die! here, there, everywhere

beatrix potter graphic w textMy short play, Beatrix Potter Must Die!, is having a very busy debut.  It opened at the Silver Spring Stage in Maryland in August as part of their new play festival, and tonight it opens in the Short + Sweet Festival in Aukland, New Zealand (my first New Zealand production!).  Then it’s on to the Dewey Decimal Festival in Chappaqua, New York on October 18, at the same time it will be on stage in San Diego at the Northpark Festival produced by the North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe theatre.

I’m delighted to see this goofy comedy about a farmer going back in time to kill Beatrix Potter is finding its way in front of audiences.  This is a play that was inspired by my own experiences farming and dealing with rabbits (they’re maddening!).  I often felt like Mr. MacGregor from the Peter Rabbit tales and had plenty of time on my hands while weeding the kale to think of how this might all end up on stage.  And now it has.