A bunch of stuff coming up (and an IndieoGogo campaign that ends soon!)

I hope you’re all enjoying the start of spring. I’ve got a bunch of projects coming up (when I’m not busy fixing up our project house).

First, in my role as coordinator for the New England New Play Alliance, I’ve been working hard with a whole team of people (co-led by Laura Neill) to put together a New England New Play Anthology. StageSource will publish a kick-ass collection of new plays written by New England writers and produced by New England Companies. We’ve put together an IndieGogo campaign for the anthology, and we need people to buy books and make donations to make this project happen. If you enjoy reading and supporting new work, no matter where you live, I hope you’ll consider supporting the campaign. There are only 3 days left! 

And as for my own work:

My play, Santa Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, will be part of the Boston Theater Marathon on Sunday, May 8th. This is my favorite theatrical event of the year.

That same week, my fun little play, Beatrix Potter Must Die! will be in Montana, May 5-7, at the Flathead Valley Community College.

On May 13th, Blood on the Snow opens at the Old State House in Boston for a four-week run.

Boston, March 6, 1770. 

Four unarmed civilians have been killed and eight more wounded by the King’s soldiers. 
Acting Governor Thomas Hutchinson is presented with a stark choice –
Remove the troops and give in to the mob’s demands or face another night of bloodshed.

Many know the story of the Boston Massacre, but few know of the events that took place the day after, on March 6, 1770. Blood on the Snow is set and staged in the Council Chamber of the Old State House. Almost 250 years ago, in that very room, the leaders of Boston struggled to heal their town and unwittingly placed Massachusetts on the road to revolution.

You can buy tickets at www.bostonmassacreplay.com. Courtney O’Connor directs a fabulous cast for this show. It’s already mostly sold out, but there are a few seats left.

In June, Flat Earth Theatre, in Watertown, MA, will produce my political satire, Blinders. This play has been around for a while, but the current Presidential race makes it more timely than ever. (And funnier.)

The world is in awe of a scientific miracle: two genetically identical humans, unrelated but more twin than twins, exactly the same in every way! No one can tell them apart – except journalist Karen Sayer, whose declaration to the brainwashed public that they don’t look anything alike destroys her career and throws her sanity into question. As the duplicates parlay their commercial success into burgeoning political power, Karen’s quest for truth takes her on an unexpected mission with some unlikely allies and even stranger enemies.

Darkly absurd and laugh-out-loud funny, Blinders is a cautionary tale about the dangers of the American political circus, just in time for the election.

Blinders runs from June 10-25 at the Arsenal Center for the Arts. Korinne Ritchey will direct. It will be a ton of fun!

And if you’re in Toronto, my play Quack, will be in the InspiraTo Festival, June 2-11. This play has been taking a gradual world tour, with stops last summer in Scotland and Finland, and it will be in Incheon, South Korea, in August. (And so will I!)

I hope you can make it to one of the shows.  (Or check out one of my novels.)