Both/And project


In 2016, I was commissioned by the Central Square Theater to write a play about quantum physics to be performed at the MIT Museum. This collaboration served as the public outreach component of a large National Science Foundation grant, led by MIT physicists David Kaiser and Alan Guth, exploring quantum entanglement. This project resulted in a 20-minute play, Both/And, directed by Rebecca Bradshaw, that was performed at the MIT Museum on selected weekends from April through August 2017.

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Pen and Pepper Farm

For two years, from 2012-2013, my wife and I participated in the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project farm training program. Through this program, we ran a small organic farm, the Pen and Pepper Farm, on incubator plots in Dracut, MA.

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The 200 Foot Garden

In 2009, my family and I started a small public garden near our home in Brookline, MA.

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