30 minutes. Historical drama
2m, 2 w 1 offstage voice  (requires 2 black actors–one male, one female

When Mt. Pelee erupts in a cloud of steam and ash and destroys the city of St. Pierre, Auguste Ciparis is saved from death by the thick walls of his prison cell.  Badly burned, he waits for rescue in a state of delirium, where he’s confronted by his girlfriend’s ghost, two men from his possible future, and an angel of death ready to dispense one last kiss.  Auguste must choose between the comfort of death or life as a crippled, sideshow freak.  An intense, lyrical play about courage in the face of despair.  (Based on the true story of one of the 20th century’’s worst natural disasters.)
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  • Unity Players, Los Angeles, 1998
  • Volcano Quarterly, 1997
  • Love Creek Productions, New York, 1997
  • The Changing Scene, Denver, 1993