I am available to work with students and other writers as a coach and dramaturg in the development of new plays and projects.

(I have a special expertise in historical drama.) I also work with high school students through the Massachusetts Youth Playwriting Program, run by Boston Playwrights Theatre.  Recent clients include:

Acton/Boxborough High School. I worked with the lead teacher and a group of student writers as they created a new play, Son of Liberty, about the Boston Tea Party.  http://www.abdrama.org/son-of-liberty

Jack Beatty, NPR commentator and former editor of The Atlantic. I consulted on his play, Munich, about Hitler and Neville Chamberlain.

Patrick Gabridge has a genius for diagnosing faults in plays and recommending fixes that had this rookie playwright exclaim,  “Of course!Why didn’t I see that?” I sent him a twelve character play. He showed me how much better it would be as a two-hander. As a professional magazine editor for 40 years, I’m in a position to say he’s a truly brilliant editor.  I’m lastingly grateful for his help.

Leo Liu, physician and playwrights. I worked with Leo on his new one-act play, Humanitarian Response, about his experiences as a physician in an ebola medical camp in Sierra Leone.

Evan Northrup, magician.

When I was searching for a writer to help set a short script straight, I hoped to find someone who would be able to identify glaring problems in the writing. What I found in Patrick was a carefully critical eye that not only provided practical solutions to narrative and structural issues, but was able to look ahead to potential obstacles and get ahead of them with suggestions about the development of the word. He was able to explain a seasoned writer’s sensibilities clearly enough to foster a sense of confidence in the next steps of the production. If you’re looking to strengthen the structure and impact of your writing, I wholeheartedly recommend getting Patrick’s input.