In 2014, I helped found the New England New Play Alliance.

This StageSource initiative seeks to:

  • Grow audiences for new plays.
  • Encourage more new play development and production.
  • Spread the word outside of Boston about plays/playwrights from Greater Boston/New England

To that end, we have taken on a variety of activities:

  • We publish a weekly New Play Newsletter that attempts to list every new play reading or production in New England.
  • In 2017, we published The New England New Play Anthology, a collection of 6 full-length and 2 one-act plays by New England playwrights that were produced and developed by New England Companies.
  • In 2015, we published a study of new play attendance from 2012-2014 in Greater Boston Theatres.
  • We host other activities, including a Wikipedia Hackathon, a contract workshop, and other events.

Here’s a link to the New Play Alliance website for more information.