10 minutes. Holiday comedy
3m, 1w

Tina is determined to become the next Santa, one way or another.

From a nice review of Bare Essential’s London production:
“Without being strident or hectoring, Tina did more for female workplace equality in ten minutes than Germaine Greer has done her entire life in my opinion.”

And another London review:
“Gabridge’s piece might be political, but they don’t let the message overbear the comic potential of the scenario. As the case of why Santa has to be male is chipped away expertly by Gabridge’s brilliantly chirpy character, Ms Claus also fires quips based on some solid character-based comedy, especially in how the dynamic of the patriarchal interview panel against the adamant interviewee. But what dusts this scrummy mince pie of a piece off is a not quite all-butter topping. The female of the species is certainly more devious than the male.”


  • Acme Theatre, Maynard, MA, 2019
  • Quannapowitt Players, Reading, MA, 2016
  • Phoenix Theatre, Indianapolis, 2015
  • Encompass Productions, London, 2015
  • F.A.C.T. (reading), NYC, 2015