This is a multi-year project commissioned by the Brown Box Theatre Project.

I am writing a new play, Mox Nox, that uses various elements of stage magic to create a world of magical realism. I have been very fortunate to work with director Kyler Taustin again (he directed my play, Lab Rats, for Brown Box in 2016), and to have a chance to write for specific actors: Gigi Watson, Cameron Torres, Tonasia Jones, and Susannah. As I started the play, we had multiple conversations discussing our lives and worldviews. Common themes arose; memory, loss, sibling rivalry, and the warming of our earth.

Mox Nox explores a magical world where the childhood home of Deedee and Mira is one of the last surviving respites from a world of rising water. As Deedee and her fiancé arrive to the house’s back deck, now a dock, we realize the reunion between the sisters will be plagued by old memories; sickness and resentments fester as they all fight for a little piece of higher ground. It’s a dark and sometimes beautiful (and we hope will be breathtaking sometimes) exploration of sisterhood and memory and love.

Mox Nox began in 2017, and will have various workshops and explorations in 2018 (including time I spent at the National Winter Playwrights Retreat working on the script), and will culminate in an early 2019 production in Boston and Maryland.

Check out this link to Brown Box Theatre for more information.