10 minutes. Romantic Comedy
1m, 2 w

Matthew is obsessed with two things: numbers and Jennifer. When Jennifer leaves him, he’s driven to the edge of desperation. His salvation rests in the hands of his neighbor, June, who understands Matthew more than he expects. A quirky comedy of neuroses.

This is one of my more popular plays and has been produced around the country, and is included in Smith & Kraus’s Best Ten-Minute Plays 2008–3 Actors. For this play, Brooklyn Publishes a version suitable for use by students in duet competition, but there’s another version, that uses three actors, more geared towards use in production. The sample below is from that version. If that’s the one that interests you, e-mail me and I can send you the complete script (licensing is still handled through Brooklyn).

Published by Brooklyn Publishers   Read sample pages


  • SheMoon Productions, film, Boston, 2010
  • Another Country Productions, Boston, 2010
  • Included in Best Ten-Minute Plays, 2008–3 Actors, published by Smith and Kraus, 2008.
  • Devanaughn Theatre, Boston, 2007
  • TITLEWave Theatre, Cleveland, OH, 2006
  • Shelterbelt Theatre, OMaha, 2006
  • Ten by Ten Festival, Carrboro, NC, 2004
  • Madcap Players, Washington, DC, 2004
  • Ashland Ten-Minute Play Festival, Ashland, OR, 2004
  • Brooklyn Publishers, 2003