Dark comedy, 27 minutes

Stan and Teri are in the midst of a pleasant weekend bicycling across the prairie, when a storm suddenly appears and Stan is struck by lightning. He is left blind and paralyzed, with only Teri to help him. As she struggles to protect him from the storm, Teri discovers an engagement ring in Stan’s backpack. This is the moment she’s been waiting for! She’s perfectly willing to marry Stan, despite his infirmities. But inside the ring box is a rejection note from Stan’s girlfriend. To him, the whole trip with Teri was just a platonic excursion to get his mind off his troubles. Teri is not particularly understanding. She’s still willing to help Stan get to safety, but it’s going to cost him.

Read sample pages of the radio play version.

Brooklyn publishes a version for use on stage, but if you want to read the entire radio play, just email me.

Broadcast/Published by:

  • Brooklyn Publishers, 1999
  • Triangle Radio Theatre, Raleigh, NC, 1997
  • Shoestring Radio Theatre, San Francisco, 1996
  • Champaign-Urbana Radio Theatre, 1996
  • National Public Radio, 1993