30 minutes. Comedy
1m, 2 w

After a three-day hike to scatter his father’s ashes, Tom discovers that his remote, private spot is already occupied by Danny. Can Jill keep her husband from going off the deep end? Can he find the space and privacy that he needs for his special ceremony? Danny isn’t ready for one more ghost to be added to the meadow.

This is a script that can be done indoors or out. It was developed with Chameleon Stage for our Theatre in the Wild series and performed in mountain meadows in Aspen and Evergreen, Colorado. It’s also been done in New York’s Central Park, as well as in indoor theatre spaces.

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  • Another Country Productions, Boston, 2009
  • Ciona Taylor Productions, Central Park, NYC, 2007
  • Chameleon Stage, Evergreen, CO, 1993