A children’s musical, based on the novel by Penny Noyce
Book by Patrick Gabridge
Music and Lyrics by Todd Bearson
Run time: about 100 minutes

Minimum required: 12 actors — 4 boys, 3 girls, 5 roles can be played by either boys or girls. Maximum: 39 roles (with speaking parts)


When thirteen-year-old cousins Ivan and Daphne go on a treasure hunt in the rain one summer day, they never expect to stumble into a whole new world where words and numbers run wild.

After the cousins outwit a plague of punctuation, grateful villagers beg them to find Lexicon’s missing children, who have been enticed away by dancing lights in the sky. Trekking between villages in search of clues, the cousins encounter a talking thesaurus, a fog of forgetting, and the illogical mathematicians of Irrationality. When a careless Mathemystical reflects them across the border into the ominous Land of Night, their peril deepens. Kidnapped, imprisoned, and mesmerized—with time running out—will Ivan and Daphne find a way to solve the mystery of the lights in the sky and restore the lost children of Lexicon to their homes?

Character Descriptions:



Daphne, 12-13, a girl who loves books and spending time with her friends chatting about their favorite TV shows. She’s not a big fan of math. Ivan’s cousin.

Ivan, 12-13, a boy who loves video games. Likes math, but not a fan of word games or reading. Daphne’s cousin.

Aunt Adelaide, 70s, Ivan and Daphne’s aunt who lives in the countryside. A believer in imagination, adventures, and quests.

Emily. A furry thesaurus (a rare creature in Lexicon). Always has the whisper of a possible word choice on her lips.

Townspeople of Radix:
Jack. A boy in the town of Radix. Mr./Mrs. Garrulity. A leader in the town of Radix.
Radix Townsperson 1
Radix Townsperson 2
Radix Townsperson 3
Radix Townsperson 4

Townspeople of Tessellate:
Mary Ann
Mr. Morose
Tessellate Townspeople

The people of Irrationality:
Irrationality Townsperson 1
Irrationality Townsperson 2
Irrationality Townsperson 3
Irrationality Scientist
Irrationality Mountaineer

The People of Brevity:
Brevity Townspeople and their children

Shadowy Forest:
Brevity Children
Wild Children
Wild Child 1
Wild Child 2
Origin people:
The Astronomer
Gamer 1
Gamer 2
Gamer 3
Gamer 4

rehearsing Lost in Lexicon
Actors in a workshop of Lost in Leixcon at the Boston Conservatory