Full-length play, about 80 minutes, no intermission
Cast: 1m, 1w


Mika and Jake earn a slim living as test subjects in medical experiments. When their waiting room banter deepens into a real relationship, these drifting twenty-somethings must navigate a treacherous maze of emotion, trust, and survival as their carefully monitored and medicated lives bleed into their true selves. Lab Rats is a sharply comic love story that poignantly examines the raw connection between two damaged humans as they struggle to redefine what it means to escape.

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MIKA KOVALEVSKI: Mid 20s-early 30s. Funky, maybe a little punk. Tattoos or piercings might make sense. White.

JAKE (JAEQUAN) SIDWELL: Mid 20s-early 30s. Black. On the geeky side, but not necessarily obvious on first glance.


Various waiting and exam rooms in hospitals and research labs, in Boston. Each is very simply represented. The action moves quickly and seamlessly.



Production history:

Produced by Brown Box Theatre Project, Boston and Maryland, 2015
Reading, Munroe Center for the Arts, Lexington, MA, 2015
Reading, Argos Productions, Cambridge, MA 2014


What the critics have to say:

“This isn’t so much a play about a quest as much as it is about personal change, perseverance, and propinquity. It’s also a comedy, and a lively one: For a play about damaged people living on the margins, Lab Rats is surprisingly fresh and light.”  Edge Boston

“This experiment in humor will perk you up without risk of side effects–unless, that is, you’re allergic to smiling.”   Edge Boston

“It is a fascinating play well worth watching.  Why not try an experiment and come to see this show this weekend to see what kind of after effects you will feel from the medicinal elixir of being moved to laughter and to empathy.”  White Rhino Report

“Lab Rats is an adorable comedy about the drastic measures people will take to convince others of their relative normalcy. Some days it’s impossible to hold all the crazy in.”  NE Theatre Geek

(Photos of Marc Pierre and Brenna Fitzgerald, from the Brown Box production.)