Drama, 4 men, 5 women
Full-length play, about 110 minutes,  intermission


Dating is never easy. It’s nearly impossible if your mind is filled with voices from failed, brutal relationships. As Wendyl and Tina get closer, ghosts from the past spring to life, needling every sensitivity and fear.

Tina is haunted by the specter of her long vanished ex-husband and the unspeakable loss of her stillborn child. The two women most active in her present life, her boss and her grandmother, seem to do everything to keep her from forgetting.

Wendyl is a puzzle to Tina-he’s seemingly just a shy editor, completely, pathologically unable to say “no” to anyone. But just like Tina, his calm exterior hides a boiling inner world, one that’s already landed him in prison for beating his ex-wife. Wendyl’s sanity is brittle, as he relives violent, omnipresent lessons from his parents and ex-wife.

Together, Tina and Wendyl struggle to silence the voices and find a simple peace together.

Read the first act of Hearing Voices

You can read the entire script on the New Play Exchange.


Characters: Minimum required 4 men, 5 women.

Wendyl Brackman: 35-45, a man haunted by his past
Celia: 20s, Wendyl’s ex-wife, sharp-tongued, a ghost.
Mother: 50-70, Wendyl’s mother. Also a ghost.
Brackman: 50-70, Wendyl’s father. A ghost.
Dick Perkle: 30-50, Wendyl’s boss.
Tina Sergeant: 30-35, a woman unable to leave her past behind.
Myrtle Jeffries: 40-55, owner of the Green Turtle Diner, Tina’s boss.
Hattie Stoker: 89, Tina’s Grandmother.
Mick: 20s, Tina’s ex-husband. A ghost.

Setting:  The Green Turtle Diner and other areas serving as areas from Tina and Wendyl’s past and present.
The set can be done extremely minimally, with only two chairs as the Diner surrounded by a set of bare risers that served as all the other areas.

Time: Now.

Production history:

  • Playful Repertory Company, New York, 1995
  • Plays-in-Progress, Eureka, CA, 1994
  • Colorado Dramatists, staged reading, 1993