Drama, 2m, 2w
Full-length drama, about 100 minutes


Sarah escapes the grit and loss in her life by spending most of her life at the airport, watching the world pass by, pretending to be someone else, but never going anywhere.  After a janitor, Carlos, attempts to befriend her, she discovers she isn’t nearly as invisible as she’d hoped.

The messiness of Sarah’s real life follows her to the airport, when she calls the police on her neighbor, Terry, who has been beating his wife.  Terry’s daughter is taken away by social services, and he’s convinced that only Sarah can help him get her back.  His pursuit of Sarah turns the airport into a hiding place with little room for escape.

As the security of the airport becomes even more important, Sarah’s deception is spotted by a TSA supervisor, Marlene, who threatens to come down hard on Sarah.   As she takes refuge in a secret room in the bowels of the airport, Sarah becomes increasingly dependent on Carlos for her safety.

When Marlene’s son dies in Afghanistan, she lashes out at Sarah while also trying to gain some understanding from Carlos about how to deal with losing a child.  (Carlos’ daughter was murdered in El Salvador years ago.)

Sarah, Carlos, and Marlene end up entwined in a precarious web that is shattered when Terry sneaks into the airport to force Sarah to help him retrieve his child.  As the danger grows more intense, Carlos’ desire to protect the substitute daughter he’s found in Sarah has deadly consequences.

Ultimately, Sarah must choose a path that weaves somewhere between truth, friendship and an end to hiding.  Flight gives us a drama about people lost in a place that’s not really anywhere, trying to salvage lives torn apart by loss.  Only by finally daring to leave the airport can Sarah find a path to back towards a real life.

You can read the script on the New Play Exchange.

Characters: 2 men, 2 women

Sarah:  a white woman in her 20s.

Carlos Alfaro: 50s, custodian at the airport.  From El Salvador.

Marlene O’Connor: TSA screener/supervisor.  White woman in her 40s.

Terry:  Sarah’s neighbor, late 20s

Setting: An airport
Time: Now

Production/Development history:

  • Workshop, Huntington Theatre Company, Boston, 2012
  • Reading , id theater, New York, 2012
  • Reading, Rhombus playwrights group, Boston, 2011
  • Reading, Madcap Players, Washington, DC, 2011