10 minutes. Comedy
1m, 2 w

Gerald sneaks off from his wife and kids to a shady part of town where he meets Thalia, who, for the right price, will satisfy his needs–his creative needs. She runs an illicit studio where people go to try that most addictive of habits–writing. Gerald scrambles to hide his desires when his wife, Maggie, comes pounding on the door. A tremendously fun take on the writing life.

Published by Brooklyn Publishers  Read sample pages


  • Smith & Kraus, Best Ten-Minute Plays 2008–3 Actors, 2008
  • Emerging Artists Theatre (EAT), NYC, 2007
  • Table and Chairs, Chicago, 2007
  • Actors Theatre of Santa Rosa, CA, 2005
  • Boston Theatre Marathon, 2004
  • Arlington Friends of the Drama, Arlington, MA, 2004
  • Herring Run Festival, Middleboro, MA, 2004
  • Devanaughn Theatre, Boston, 2003
  • Brooklyn Publishers, 2003